The coldest walk of 2015

Thought it’s a good idea to start reminiscing about the great winter weather we’ve been having this year. This way when winter strikes again I’ll be in a good mood.

This one is the coldest shot I’ve taken. It really goes to show how great the Sony A7R is working in these conditions. This is regularly a popular spot for joggers and people looking to take a nice walk by the canal. But this day the weather was -25 °C ADD in the swift WIND on top of that! Needless to say the two minutes it took to get to this part of the park from the car was a long and tedious one. The only parts of me exposed to the weather where my cheeks and nostrils and boy did they feel it. Like that stubborn kid that doesn’t listen to advice and got his tongue stuck on a frozen pole.

So here is the final result. It’s a vertical panorama.

Coldest day in Canada