Testing limits, saying goodbye

Crop-frame for Performance shows?

Up until now I’ve been shooting all the photos you see here on my trusty Nikon d5100 with the kit lens 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 that came with it. That’s all I’ve ever needed to create everything you see in the galleries before you. Well I’ve figured I’d give it a test for the JFL Sister Act show and see how things turn out.

What I’ve learned

Shooting interiors is a whole different ballgame where frame speed and ISO sensitivity is the most important factor. You can still get good results but you need to keep your ISO at the highest you are comfortable with until too much noise takes over. In my case I went up to 1250 and that would be with a lot of post ei: smoothing of the skin etc. You will get best results when the performers are still, especially if you plan on combining exposures into HDR. If you are going to combine to HDR, the trick is to find a frame that has no ghosting, tone map it and blend it on top with Photoshop.

Just for laughs Sister Act