Wintery woes over

This winter is something special. Not only does it take it’s toll on all us Canadians but some of the states have been feeling the sting as well. With record breaking snow falls in Boston to covering the desert sands of Texas. What we can be sure of is how the weather can be unpredictable.

Not all Bad

Not to despair, the winter brings in unique opportunities to the city landscapes allowing us to capture some of the marvelous scenery around Montreal and especially the old district. Here is my take on the overshot Basilica by winter night.

Montreal basilica

10 otherworldly photos of a fall day in Montreal

People living in Montreal are used to extreme weather changes but not many have quite seen it like this. In the middle of the fall season a cold front hit and with the winds blowing created something otherworldly.

I first had a glimpse of it from the other side of the canal. You could see the trees covered in ice and with the sun setting I knew it would be quite a place. So the next day I braved the cold and made my way there. The water sprayed through the air with the strong winds causing me to clean the lens every few seconds but I managed to get the shots. Sadly no frost giants found.

Angel's wings
ice pods
ice christmas tree
ice land
path through the ice
frozen wave
ice stingers
moon light
ice world
frozen arch

Storm over Montreal

For those of you here in Montreal, you must have heard the crackling of the skies as the thunder storm is passing over our city. It’s been long overdue and I gotta say, I do quite like this type of weather. First it’s great for pictures (only wish it would pass by a little later during the 8-9 oclock timeframe for optimum lighting), the heat is greatly subsided and the water pouring down means I don’t have to water the garden later!

Here is a picture from a while back as I happened to be at the right place at the right time to catch this oncoming storm.

lighting lighthouse