Wintery woes over

This winter is something special. Not only does it take it’s toll on all us Canadians but some of the states have been feeling the sting as well. With record breaking snow falls in Boston to covering the desert sands of Texas. What we can be sure of is how the weather can be unpredictable.

Not all Bad

Not to despair, the winter brings in unique opportunities to the city landscapes allowing us to capture some of the marvelous scenery around Montreal and especially the old district. Here is my take on the overshot Basilica by winter night.

Montreal basilica

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Tied up

I’ve captured this one night by the old port as the big merchant ships where docked right next to the walkway. The walkway is open for pedestrians to pass through but if you’d like to capture a different angle, well that requires a bit of ingenuity.

Ship anchored

Week of celebrations

Processing night scenes

You’ll notice that as you combine your 3 exposures in photomatix, the saturation is greatly increased and people start to look more like ghosts since it’s a longer exposure than day shooting. Two easy fixes for that. Select “remove ghosts” (I suggest with ‘the selective deghosting tool’) from the menu before processing. After the process simply decrease the color saturation and you’ll start seeing more details.

Happy 4th of July to my friends down south

This is actually a picture I took on the first of July, here we call it Canada day. But the mood is all the same. Everyone is out celebrating and having fun. Don’t be fooled by the picture, we don’t actually have real beaches in Montreal.

Night beach montreal

Happy Holidays | A silent night at 4:30pm

Despite the actual time, it was dark. The shortest day of the year. I’ve had in my head the idea of shooting a large ship at this angle for a few weeks before getting the actual opportunity. So you can imagine the anticipation built up. I had to get it at any cost. And so I’ve made my way towards the old port.

As I arrived, the weather wasn’t very promising. I wanted to get the shot with the snow but there wasn’t any at the time but that’s actually a good thing. I’ll reveal how I’ve made the snow in a future post. Thanks to the dreary weather I was able to get close to the ship unnoticed even with workers on each end. As to how I’ve managed, I’ll have to keep that part a secret.

So I took a quick succession of auto-bracketed exposures and made my way towards the “exit”. Mission accomplished.

I was very pleased with the end result and thanks to all of you for making it one of my hottest shots to date.

old port ship limited edition print