A step off the trail

The Crossing

This bridge is used by many to wonder into one of the few parks we have by the Lasalle waters. I usually prefer to go out shooting during the golden hour as the low sun creates some very nice colors. This time I went at noon when the light was at the strongest, the bane of photographers. The sky was full of clouds and the sun peaking out every now and then made for some great conditions to do a long exposure capture.

long exposure water

10 otherworldly photos of a fall day in Montreal

People living in Montreal are used to extreme weather changes but not many have quite seen it like this. In the middle of the fall season a cold front hit and with the winds blowing created something otherworldly.

I first had a glimpse of it from the other side of the canal. You could see the trees covered in ice and with the sun setting I knew it would be quite a place. So the next day I braved the cold and made my way there. The water sprayed through the air with the strong winds causing me to clean the lens every few seconds but I managed to get the shots. Sadly no frost giants found.

Angel's wings
ice pods
ice christmas tree
ice land
path through the ice
frozen wave
ice stingers
moon light
ice world
frozen arch

Reaching for the sun

HDR tutorial is finally out

I’ve been asked for a while now about how to create HDR and so I though I would put something together to help you guys get started. This is just the first installment, I will be adding more great tutorials in the future. What would you like to learn more about? Comment below.

This was taken at a park near where I live in Montreal West. I didn’t plan on making this shot. Wish I could say it was a vision that came to me one day but it just happened by opportunity. Like most of my photographs, they are shot moment by moment. This was taken a few days prior to spring. You can see the thick layer of ice encompassing the soil, that is not unusual. As I am typing now, the heat is pretty unbearable. This is what makes Montreal such a fun place to shoot, unpredictable weather.

Frozen path

Chemin du Canal bench

Montreal has been temperamental with the way it wants spring to go. We’ve felt the icy winter frost over the barren lands and now it seems that we get a peak at the sun only to have it taken away the next day. Despite this unruly weather, it presents a prime opportunity to get some unique shots. Just have a look at my last couple of landscape prints, they where all taken during spring or a couple of days ealier.

raindrops limited edition print

Quintessence by melting waters

As the snow is melting, the fresh scent of spring is in the air and a new energy is building up. Still can’t claim victory over winter but now is ample opportunity for a fresh start. This shot was taken about a week ago on a frozen part of the St-Lawrence river. As the fisherman was finishing over the ice, I made my way towards the outer edges. Getting closer to where the rapids and ice met, was a basin of water, I saw an opening and jumped over unto a rock and so I was able to capture this ice formation from a unique angle.

landscape limited edition print

Dream sunset

Was very happy to find myself at the right place at the right time with perhaps the best sunset all year in Montreal. Getting there wasn’t easy. The 20 west traffic woes where in full effect with the construction and rush hour. Luckily I’ve made it in the nick of time with 5 minutes to spare as the sun was setting down. This photo was taken at an off limits congregation, a sacred place to begin with.. add a magical sunset and it is as if a sign from God.

Best sunset of the year