Wintery woes over

This winter is something special. Not only does it take it’s toll on all us Canadians but some of the states have been feeling the sting as well. With record breaking snow falls in Boston to covering the desert sands of Texas. What we can be sure of is how the weather can be unpredictable.

Not all Bad

Not to despair, the winter brings in unique opportunities to the city landscapes allowing us to capture some of the marvelous scenery around Montreal and especially the old district. Here is my take on the overshot Basilica by winter night.

Montreal basilica

Reaching for the sun

HDR tutorial is finally out

I’ve been asked for a while now about how to create HDR and so I though I would put something together to help you guys get started. This is just the first installment, I will be adding more great tutorials in the future. What would you like to learn more about? Comment below.

This was taken at a park near where I live in Montreal West. I didn’t plan on making this shot. Wish I could say it was a vision that came to me one day but it just happened by opportunity. Like most of my photographs, they are shot moment by moment. This was taken a few days prior to spring. You can see the thick layer of ice encompassing the soil, that is not unusual. As I am typing now, the heat is pretty unbearable. This is what makes Montreal such a fun place to shoot, unpredictable weather.

Frozen path

Chilling on the Oratory

For this first day of summer I was able to capture this half way up St-Joseph Oratory. I was surprised at the amount of people and the diversity of cultures passing and having a good time on the steps its steps. But even more so the conditions where just about perfect this time around. The sky was filled with clouds, sun rays peering through and then as the evening turned into night the colors started to come out. You could see the reds, oranges and pinks in the skies. Great end to the first day of summer.

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St-Joseph Oratory print

Chemin du Canal bench

Montreal has been temperamental with the way it wants spring to go. We’ve felt the icy winter frost over the barren lands and now it seems that we get a peak at the sun only to have it taken away the next day. Despite this unruly weather, it presents a prime opportunity to get some unique shots. Just have a look at my last couple of landscape prints, they where all taken during spring or a couple of days ealier.

raindrops limited edition print

Quintessence by melting waters

As the snow is melting, the fresh scent of spring is in the air and a new energy is building up. Still can’t claim victory over winter but now is ample opportunity for a fresh start. This shot was taken about a week ago on a frozen part of the St-Lawrence river. As the fisherman was finishing over the ice, I made my way towards the outer edges. Getting closer to where the rapids and ice met, was a basin of water, I saw an opening and jumped over unto a rock and so I was able to capture this ice formation from a unique angle.

landscape limited edition print

The dreadful wait of the train crossing

I originally stopped by the tracks hoping to catch the light trails from the passing trains in Montreal-West. One of the only places where that almost aligns perfectly West towards the sunset. As I made my way towards the station and started taking pictures, I was greeted by a security guard. He informed me that is a place where you are not allowed to take photographs. A little silly as you can just take out your cell phone and do it. But he was cool about it and let me take a few more shots. As I made my way towards the edge to where the street crossing was, the rails went down and so I turned around to shoot a couple of shots of the people stranded in between as the train was passing by.

Long exposure limited print

Happy Holidays | A silent night at 4:30pm

Despite the actual time, it was dark. The shortest day of the year. I’ve had in my head the idea of shooting a large ship at this angle for a few weeks before getting the actual opportunity. So you can imagine the anticipation built up. I had to get it at any cost. And so I’ve made my way towards the old port.

As I arrived, the weather wasn’t very promising. I wanted to get the shot with the snow but there wasn’t any at the time but that’s actually a good thing. I’ll reveal how I’ve made the snow in a future post. Thanks to the dreary weather I was able to get close to the ship unnoticed even with workers on each end. As to how I’ve managed, I’ll have to keep that part a secret.

So I took a quick succession of auto-bracketed exposures and made my way towards the “exit”. Mission accomplished.

I was very pleased with the end result and thanks to all of you for making it one of my hottest shots to date.

old port ship limited edition print

Vigilant beam over the old port

Old Montreal is a charming place to visit because of it’s aging architecture, dinner “soirées” and live night scene. The amount of traffic mixed with the interesting structures, make ideal conditions for anyone interested in cityscape photography. I’ve shot this on the side of the street with the passing cars which made for a great effect.

limited edition print cityscape